Saw Cutting & Core Drilling

With the expansion of the Catalpa Group has seen the creation of a Concrete Cutting and Diamond Drilling Division, totally dedicated to providing an environmentally friendly and less aggressive  alternative to the traditional methods of demolition.

We now offer a new range of services as detailed below.

  • Wire Sawing; ideal for removing large concrete structures and where other methods are impractical. The wire cutting technology provides unlimited cutting depth capabilities. 
  • Hand Sawing; ideal for small or awkward area’s where larger equipment is impractical.
  • Floor Sawing; is quick and efficient to cut horizontal flat surface concrete.
  • Core Drilling; Diamond drilling is the most efficient way of creating holes and slots from 10mm to 350mm in diameter, to virtually unlimited depths.

Catalpa uses the latest concrete cutting tools and technology, including diamond tipped saws and drills. We also have the latest in wire cutting technology the Husqvarna CS10 which allows sawing concrete for the most demanding requirements.