Catalpa Group can offer a complex and flexible range of services in this area regardless of the size of the project, from detailed excavation to backfill and compaction for in situ concrete works, our experienced team guarantee an unrivalled service delivered in a safe and productive manner.

In recent years Catalpa Group has been engaged in some of the largest pipeline projects in the WA region.

Catalpa Group has extensive experience in the construction, civil, power, and mining industries and are fully equipped to offer and perform a vast range of services including;

  • Large-scale trenching for heavy duty pipelines   
  • Construction of roadways and civil works   
  • Complete installation of drainage and plumbing  systems   
  • Installation of underground services
  • Disposal and handling of stockpiled soils
  • Detailed earthworks/final trim
  • Stockpile screening and disposal
  • Supply and install of bulk sand
  • Backfill and compaction
  • Demolition and removal of existing underground services