Concrete Civil Construction

Catalpa Group provide a complete a large range of services within concrete civil applications and deliver the highest levels of workmanship and safety.

We undertake small and large projects in water, rail, road, power and mining in metropolitan and remote sites including structural foundations for processing plants and non-process infrastructure. These services include Detailed excavations, Precast Installation, Formwork, Steel Fixing, Concrete Placement, Scaffolding and Grouting Works. Catalpa Group provides these services combined so we can ease the pressure on our clients with one company responsible for the full scope of works.

Catalpa Group’s multi-faceted team of Managers, Engineers, Form-workers, Steel Fixers, Earthworkers and Scaffolders work together to deliver to the Client’s expectations as well as develop on-the-job solutions to enhance and monitor productivity. 

By guaranteeing a stable workforce that has experience across projects in Australia and various other Continents we offer an in depth cross-industry knowledge.

  • Tunnel Works​
  • Bridge and abutment works
  • Drainage and culvert construction
  • Mass foundations and footings
  • Industrial slabs and sumps
  • Retaining walls
  • Kerbing & concrete pavements
  • Precast sleepers, footings and sumps
  • Sprayed concrete applications
  • Mass structural grouting operations