Partnerships & Alliances

Catalpa Group is committed to the collaborative approach as the only way forward in which to deliver large multi-discipline projects on time and within budget.

The Company is pro-active in working with clients and other stakeholders to continuously develop business processes to meet the changing requirements of the industry and the environments in which it operates.

Whilst recognising that each client has individual requirements, over the number of years Catalpa Group has, and continues to:

  • Have a close collaboration with all parties involved in the delivery process
  • Encourage a pro-active and non-confrontational approach to every project
  • Work alongside, and with, client’s representatives to overcome challenges
  • Guarantee the highest quality output, without compromising safety
  • Uphold business transparency and corporate governances
  • Respect the environment and the communities within which it operates.

Catalpa Group employs best partnership practices in order to deliver projects in the continually evolving field of multi-disciplined engineering and construction.

Catalpa Group is a company that’s ethos is firmly based and focused on people. The Group has grown by working closely alongside its customers to develop their objectives in a cost effective and mutually profitable manner. The Company looks forward to new opportunities to be of service.