Our Projects

Sino Iron Project 
2009 – Present
Client: Citic Pacific

Catalpa have worked on this project with various contractors since its establishment.  In 2013 we were awarded the contract for the concrete works on concentrator production lines 3-6, with concrete volumes in excess of 16,000m3.

West Angeles Excavation Work Package
Client: Monodelphus
In March 2013, Catalpa was awarded a contract by Monodelphus to construct a gas pipeline 1,377km and associated facilities. This ran from the Goldfields gas pipeline to a new power station at West Angeles near Newman. Construction activities on the project included and detailed earthworks, trenching, gas line installation and road works.

Pinjar- Eneabba 330KV Powerline
Client: Downer EDI
This 190Km transmission line was the largest ever constructed in Western Australia. In January 2013 Catalpa were awarded the contract for sections 1 and 3. The scope of works on the project were to complete mass foundations and stub setting for all power lines.  Catalpa provided all plant and equipment to excavate, install, concrete and back fill all of the power line stubs.

Pre Cast Yard-Carnarvon
2012 – Current    
Client: Downer, CiticPacific, UGL(for Catalpa Precast)
Construct and supply precast Guyed anchor blocks from the Catalpa precast yard in Carnarvon to Jimblebar for Downer Construct and supply precast Pits and Lids from the Catalpa Precast Yard in Carnarvon to the Citic Pacific project in Cape Preston

Jimblebar Mine Newman
January 2012 – Present
Client: BHP
Catalpa are working on this mine site under various contractors undertaking varying projects including transmission lines, bulk/detailed earthworks, maintenance in the hub, installation of service infrastructure, precision  grouting and various other general concrete works.

Whaleback Powerstation
2013 – Current
Client: Downer (for BHP)
The Mount Whaleback mine is an iron ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 6 kilometres west of Newman. Precision Grouting of 400 Pedestals, 500psi Pressure Washing, Scabbling, Forming, Pour and cut Grout 

Pre Cast Panels Hedland
Client: Rio Tinto
In 2010, the Western Australia government awarded preferred developer status to the West End Integration Consortium (WEIC), consisting of Compass Group Australia, Hatch and Nomad Properties, for the establishment of a workforce accommodation facility in South Hedland, subsequently developed solely by Compass Group under a Build Own Operate (BOO) model.

Pilot Plant Newman Civil Works Package
Client: UGL (for Rio Tinto)
In 2010, the Western Australia government awarded preferred developer status to the West End Integration Consortium (WEIC), consisting of Compass Group Australia, Hatch and Nomad Properties, for the establishment of a workforce accommodation facility in South Hedland,  subsequently developed solely by Compass Group under a Build Own Operate (BOO) model.

Dom GAS Excavation Works Package
2012 – Current    
Client: Kentz (for Chevron)
Construction of the onshore DomGas Pipeline for Clough Sea Trucks Joint Venture associated with Chevron Australia’s Gorgon LNG Project, in Fortescue River area north-east of Onlow. This project involved the transportation and installation of 90km of 20inch pipeline as well as various other civil and concrete works to service the area.

Gorgon Project, Barrow Island
Client: Monadelphous, UGL (for Chevron)
A development consortium between the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell received environmental approvals from the Government of Western Australia to develop natural gas reserves 60 km north of the island. Known as the Gorgon gas project it is currently under construction (Jan 2012) and will become Australia’s largest resource project.

Dampier salt mines, Rio Tinto
Client: WBHO, Carr Civil (Rio Tinto)
The Rio Tinto Dampier site is currently the largest producer of the three sites with a capacity of 4.2 million tonnes per annum. Civil and concrete works including, Concrete Pits, Bunded Walls, Precast concrete culverts, Plinths and pedestals, Bulk and detailed earthworks Storage Areas.

Area C – Concrete Works
Client: Hazeldine, RCR (BHP)
The Area C mine is an iron ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 92 kilometers west-north-west of Newman. Catalpa were employed to carry out work on a BHP Shutdown in ‘Area C’, this work consisted of concrete slabs, bunds and Pedestals. This project required additional scheduling to ensure all required work was carried out during the ‘shutdown period.